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Realistic Beef [R&U] Empty Realistic Beef [R&U]

on Sun Aug 26, 2018 4:06 pm
When getting into conflict with rival gangs, we want to keep it as realistic as possible.


- Creep by and do a one to two person drive-by with low caliber guns (TEC, Mac-10, Colt etc). No need to focus on hitting anyone, you're in a moving vehicle.

- Jump your rivals. Catch a rival on his own, hop out and do work. If one of you happens to have a knife? Poke him a couple times.

- Shoot a rivals home, they do not need to be in game but be sure to let them know through PM's and even send them a screenshot.

- If you have personal beef with a rival, consider a walk up.

- If you get pulled up on by a group and they jump you? RP it. Fight back, curl up. Don't be afraid to take a loss. You can always seek retaliation later on.

- A simple one on one. Get down with your rival, bang your set, let em know where you're from. Especially if you're roleplaying at or around Gregory McCaine and you just so happen to run into one.


- Street sweep. Try not to load up four deep with AKs or M4s, pull up and try to take out their entire faction. We're in a city, not Iraq.

- Pull out a gun during a fist fight unless your life is in immediate danger. (unless they pull out a gun, knife or another weapon)

- Take it out of character, win or lose. It's a game and we're all here to enjoy it.
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