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Your Character & Money Empty Your Character & Money

on Sun Aug 26, 2018 4:08 pm

This is the driving force of our characters. Some criminals are entirely interested with gaining respect or power, but money is typically a necessity to acquire the latter. As it has such an important role within the stories of our characters, I think we should roleplay around it realistically.

We are here to tell a story; the people of the Willowfeild Community. This story should be interesting, and any good story needs a climb. There are times where people come and roleplay, sell drugs for about a week or two and decide that they have enough cash for a nice ride with rims. You won't get rich off of selling weed, dope or breaking into houses — hitting licks every now n then. There are some people in the projects that roleplay getting a 9 to 5 job. Not all gang members are unemployed.

It all seems too easy for a lot of characters in the faction. People are very rarely roleplaying expenses of any kind. Consider roleplaying your character loses money through:

- gambling addiction
- alcohol addiction
- drug addiction
- actually buying things
- spending all of their money on girlfriends/children/mother
- paying legal bills — car notes and other things.

There's a lot of shit that your character can spend their money on.

Show your character's struggle to become wealthy, if they even get there. Flaws make for interesting characters.

Keep it mind that realistically, your character wouldn't have made $100 or $200 from selling one gram of weed. You can sell it for that in-game, but you should role-play that you received less than that. I'm not saying cut off an extra digit, I'm just saying cut down your earnings to where it makes sense with what you're role-playing.
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