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on Sun Aug 26, 2018 3:58 pm
This section is to keep up with any conflicts that may arise with the other factions of Los Santos Roleplay. We need to know whenever you've been beaten, robbed, or even killed (attempted counts too) by another faction. Outsiders should not be leading attacks on their own; attacks shouldn't be carried out at all without permission from someone in the Certified group.

[b]Faction(s) Referred:[/b] (which faction(s) was(were) involved in this update that are outside of the faction?)

[b]Nature of Attack:[/b] (did we play defense, or did we play offense)

[b]Server Date and Time of Attack:[/b] (/servertime)

[b]Members From Our Faction Killed:[/b] (list of members of our faction that were killed)

[b]Opposing Faction Members Killed:[/b] (list of members from the opposing faction that were killed)

[b]Forum/Faction Report Expected:[/b] (????????)
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